Friday, August 25, 2006

(Nathan) Some serious roadkill...

I just finished my leg #5 and reeled in some serious roadkill (for non-h2c veterans, roadkill is passing another team's runner). I lost count somewhere around 15 -- I got a bit delerious as I was also starting to seriously doubt I'd make it to the portajohns at the finishline of my leg in time. Next time, I'm going to use them *before* the run.

Updates on our stats to hopefully come from Tom shortly, but my leg was a 6.1 mile, with the first 2.5 flat to slightly down, and the last 3.5 with some rolling, long uphills. I rolled the first part at 5:30 mile pace, and finished at around a 5:47 average, losing a bit of speed on the uphill.

Last year, Katie mentioned that this leg was pretty creepy, on a dark back road, and sure enough, there were times that I felt I didn't know if it was a road in front of me or a black hole - that's even *with* my brigh PETZ light.

Anyhow, we here at Van #1 are finishing up our first six legs, and we're about to go into "off" mode while the other van picks up the slack after napping all evening. We're heading back to the hotel for 2 hours of sleep or so.

Sean and I hope to post some awesome photos of Mount Hood (and Rennie running down it) during our downtime. Signing off for now, Nathan.


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