Friday, August 25, 2006

Stats from Tom

Quote from our beloved driver: "I have a foul mouth. Blame my parents."
So here's the good so far:

Rennie ran 6.05 in 3706, or 6:07s. Almost 4 minutes ahead of pace, from the start!

Sean blazed down the mountain -- 5.6 in 27:14, or 4:52s!!

Tom ran right on pace. 3.95 in 21:42, or 5:29s.

Mari gutted out 6.95 in 52:51. Right on pace in 7:37s.

Nate had the first uphill legs. Still managed 5:47s, running 6.1 in 35:20.

Ty gained the most ground of all. She cooked through 7.4 in 46:45, a brutal leg in 6:20s. Her knees are tanking Advil.

We passed off to a psyched van 2 at 10:26, and we're headed to the hotel to crash

See ya.


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