Saturday, August 26, 2006

We LOVE Honeybucket!

According to Tom, not only do we love honeybucket, our hands are honeykissed. We got stuck in a Honeybucket-generated traffic jam partway through rural oregon. The lack of posts has been because in rural oregon, they haven't adapted to modern cellphone technology just yet, and it's impossible to contact each other by phone, much less get internet access with any regularity.

Our second legs finished up just as the sun was rising, at the Columbia County Fairgrounds. Sean, Tom, and everyone else had great legs - I'll let them tell more about them. Rennie's too - she had to run through the ghetto. My second leg was a almost totally flat 5.57 mile, which I rolled in just about exactly 5:30 pace, after thankfully having gotten rid of all of my earlier stomach issues.

The second legs weren't the most scenic - we basically ran along Hwy 30 along the Columbia / Willamette rivers (we're not sure which), and it was pretty flat with lots of industrial buildings -- including an Exxon plant with a security guard that wasn't too happy about us pulling into his driveway to park.

Anyhow, after wrapping up in the fairgrounds, everyone was totally crashed, and Kristen managed to drive us (with me navigating / passing out next to her) to the aptly-named town of Mist Oregon. So to conclude this post, the portajon trucks (honeybuckets) that caused our traffic jam were on the way to Mist, where we tried to sleep for a bit before our next legs.


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