Saturday, August 26, 2006

Seaside salt and sand: we're finished!

We'll add details in the morning (after really sleeping for the first time in two days), but we've arrived in Seaside, finishing in an unofficial time of 21 hours and 30 minutes (official time forthcoming).

We tossed some frisbees, waded in the surf (some of us a fully swimming), and then headed down to Mari's parents house for dinner - a fabulous affair that was far more delicious than the carbohydrate-loaded snacks we'd been consuming.

I'm not sure how we made it back to the hotel without falling asleep. Just like the 7am sunrise drive that Kristen and I did to start the day, we closed out the day with Kristen getting us safely to the hotel while I struggled valiantly in the navigator's seat to stay awake, failing in the final miles.

Now I can't hold out any longer. No combination of hotel tv or internets can keep me from sleeping. Not even Sean's snoring...


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